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Thank you for visiting SheShed43! Here, I offer a Furniture Restyling service. Sometimes you may have a piece of furniture that is just tired after years of wear and tear and in need of a face-lift. Occasionally they simply don’t fit with a room design or have gone out of fashion (think orange pine!) but at the heart of what i do however is the ability to take a piece of furniture which may have been inherited and has sentimental value and incorporating it in with a younger generations style

But there’s more…

Along side my Furniture restyling service I also offer an Interior Design Service. I can work with you to incorporate not only your current pieces of furniture you would like to restyle but I can work with you to update and redesign your living space too!

Please do get in touch!

Whatever you’re looking for whether it be a practical update or a style statement with your furniture or your home, I can help! Please do get in touch!