Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for visiting SheShed43.Here I offer a furniture Restyling and Interior Design Service with at its heart, the desire to recreate, reuse and recycle preloved pieces of furniture.

Whether you are looking to update or refresh an existing piece of furniture or change the style/ colour to fit into a new or existing scheme, I work with you to come up with a new look you will love.

Within the Interior Design service, I am able to work with you to create a new scheme taking in to consideration existing furniture and working with these to make them work within the design to give you the look you’d like.

But there’s more…

Along side my Furniture restyling service I also offer an Interior Design Service. I can work with you to incorporate not only your current pieces of furniture you would like to restyle but I can work with you to update and redesign your living space too!

Please do get in touch!

Whatever you’re looking for whether it be a practical update or a style statement with your furniture or your home, I can help! Please do get in touch!